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Atlantic Database Systems, Inc. provides system and software architecture, design and development products and services for highly reliable Linux web based servers running 24/7. Applications range from multiple server systems supporting 1,000 simultaneous users for computer assited training to small servers controlling multiple thermostats and communicating operating results to a central database server.

We can provide you with experience and technical knowledge to go beyond those of your in house staff in designing new or improved Linux based servers resulting in faster development, more reliable systems and better utilization of new technology.

Database Systems: MongoDB and MySQL

New object oriented database technology, such as MongoDB, is simplifying the development of database applications by reducing the need to divide the data into interrelated "cononical" tables. Instead, data structures that more naturally reflect the structure of the data itself can be used because of the ability to embed, index and search multiple instances of elements within each document. Moreover, these systems use data objects similar to those used within supporting code in languages such as Python and javaScript rather than the fixed, tablular structures and SQL in legacy database systems. We fit the right tool to your application.

What this means to you is that database applications can be implemented more quickly and can be changed more easily as features are added or requirements change. Additionally, features such as replication with automatic fail-over and sharding to split large databases across multiple servers are built-in.

Server Monitoring

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